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WSL Big Wave Award Entries


ssl big wave awards 2016 Paige Alms


The 2016 Big Wave Awards will stream live April 23rd, 2016. An entry has to be nominated, then viewed and finally accepted. To read more about the Big Wave Award check out theWorld Surf League website.



Peahi Surf Media had about 15 nominations in the WSL big wave awards this year, previously known as the XXL.  The prize money and prestige has gone up exponentially since WSL took over control.  Wangdu Hovey currently has 1 entry in the paddle category top five finalists of surfer Pedro Caladoo, and 1 entry in the Women’s Surfline Performance category finalist of Paige Alms.   Check out all the nominees & submissions We wish Wangdu and Peahi Surf Media good luck at the big wave award giving show on the 23rd.

Pedro Caladoo WSL big wave finalist 2016

Pedro Caladoo ,WSL-Finalist. Photo by Wangdu Hovey